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Mystery Bag

Mystery Bag

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Can’t decide what you need from all these cute things? Want to surprise yourself? Like to live on the edge? These mystery bags are for you! Get a little sampler of cute products at a discount (a 24$ value!) and enjoy the surprise of this little bag of joy.

Find within:

x2 - 3” stickers

x1 - 2” sticker

x1 - Wooden Keychain

x1 - 2” Button

(Pictured products are just an example of what you could get, it’s a mystery!)

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Customer Reviews

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Bec T.

I'm a big fan of mystery bags and packs and this one did not disappoint. The stickers and buttons are the cutest!

Most of the stickers have a matte finish while one of a little tiger has a really lovely gloss finish on it. I really like the weight of all the stickers and the quality of the print is great.

The kingfisher (type bird) sticker in particular has so many little details that come through really well on the sticker.

All that said, my favorite thing by far in the mystery bag was the wooden keychain, it was so cute and lovely to hold. I really liked the natural finish that it had.

My only problem now is I need to decide what am I going to put these stickers and badges on so I can admire them all the time ^_^